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Solar Thermal Installation at Mayles, Swansea, Wales

Mayles is a populated suburb of Swansea with access to Clyne Gardens and a common located on Gower. It is a relatively hilly and wooded area within easy access to Swansea City Centre.

The Problem and its Solution:
Clients got in touch with Limitless Energy as they wanted to make their home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Their home is a 4 bedroom detached house with 2 bathroom suites. Being a large family and having a recent condensing gas boiler fitted we realised that the maximum potential would be to reduce their hot water costs and contribute to their heating when possible.

We therefore installed a Daikin two panel solar thermal system and attached it to a 300l Gledhill thermal store. This system was installed on their south facing roof with no shading what so ever and so provides the maximum energy capture available.

The Benefits:
This solar thermal installation saves our customers upto 80% of their hot water demand and because it’s attached to a thermal store it can also provide some heating when excess energy is being produced. The system is eligible for the government RHI scheme and pays the family over £330 annually with the complete savings and earnings over the 7 year period totalling over £2,500

Home Devices and Their Energy Consumption

Energy Intensive Devices

Technology now means that the majority of us have become dependant on devices to get us through our daily lives, but how much energy are these devices using? This will of course depend upon the age and efficiency of each device, however we’ve got some averages to help make you think about what devices you need to update or change your behaviour.

So, this will not come as a surprise, but fridges, freezers, electric cookers and tumble dryers come with the highest running costs. The most being freezers using around 300kWh/annum and B rated tumble dryers consuming around 280kWh/annum. If you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption and you’ve got some of these devices with are old, then it’s definitely time to look at updating them to improve their efficiency. Televisions depend on whether you have a LCD or Plasma, LCD consumes around 190kWh/annum and plasma considerably more, and your wireless router uses around 60kWh/annum.

What else can we do to help reduce our consumption except for buying new devices? Simple, turn them off standby when your not using them. This has been said so many times before, but it really works. Turn off your electric toothbrush charger, printer, router, phone charges, desktop computers, TV’s etc… Obviously you can’t turn off your fridge or freezer, but turning off your wireless router helps not only with your home consumption, but also the global consumption due to increased server communication globally.

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