Solar Thermal Installation at Mayles, Swansea, Wales

Mayles is a populated suburb of Swansea with access to Clyne Gardens and a common located on Gower. It is a relatively hilly and wooded area within easy access to Swansea City Centre.

The Problem and its Solution:
Clients got in touch with Limitless Energy as they wanted to make their home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Their home is a 4 bedroom detached house with 2 bathroom suites. Being a large family and having a recent condensing gas boiler fitted we realised that the maximum potential would be to reduce their hot water costs and contribute to their heating when possible.

We therefore installed a Daikin two panel solar thermal system and attached it to a 300l Gledhill thermal store. This system was installed on their south facing roof with no shading what so ever and so provides the maximum energy capture available.

The Benefits:
This solar thermal installation saves our customers upto 80% of their hot water demand and because it’s attached to a thermal store it can also provide some heating when excess energy is being produced. The system is eligible for the government RHI scheme and pays the family over £330 annually with the complete savings and earnings over the 7 year period totalling over £2,500