The Future – Smart, Adaptable, Efficient Heating

Everything is becoming more connected and intelligent everyday, it’s time to think about updating your heating system with new smart heating controls. Here at Limitless Energy we have plenty of experience installing large or small applications of smart heating controls, completing the design, installation and commissioning of the wiring and plumbing.

With careful consideration, smart heating systems can be fitted into most properties and the range of apps, systems and controls available on the market today mean there’s something for everyone’s home.

Whether you want to be able to turn you heating off and on via proximity or remotely, or have the ability to heat each room independently increasing efficiency and saving money, then we can advise and install a tailored system for you.

Some of the benefits of smart heating systems are:

  • Smart Heating can reduce space heating and hot water bills.
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint with improved efficiencies.
  • Once installed they are low maintenance, but can have the ability to identify future problems and find extra potential savings.
  • Can be controlled anywhere in the world, or operate via proximity sensors and adjust the heat accordingly to the outside weather.
  • Can make your cold rooms warm where and when you need it, making life more comfortable.