Limitless Energy are installers of biomass boilers for both commercial and domestic properties. These systems provide a great alternative from fossil fuels because they are often an easy swap from existing heating systems. They also are great at providing heat for large scale developments, such as district heating networks or industrial units.

With careful consideration, biomass boilers can be fitted into most properties due to there being many different manufactures offering a large ranges with numerous possible configurations.

Whether you have an existing fossil fuel system and want it converted to biomass or wish to heat a new commercial project, then we can advise and install the correct system for you.

Some of the benefits of biomass boilers are:

  • Can provide 100% of your hot water and heating demand
  • Affordable heating fuel
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint: they can use an energy source which is renewable if chosen carefully
  • They can provide a substantial income from government tariffs
  • They are often the easiest alternative to fossil fuel heating, with switching requiring relatively low alterations to existing systems