What ever your needs with over seven years’ experience in the construction industry we are able to use our expertise to ensure great customer service through minimal disruption, cleanliness and a high-quality finish.

Full Home Automation

Design, installation and maintenance of full home automation systems.

Why not live in a home which works around you? Where you no longer have to reach for your light switch or phone to control your lighting, or where your blinds shut when it’s too hot and open as your alarm clock in the morning.

At Limitless Energy we can design and install a tailored home automation package to meet your needs. One system which looks after you without constant intervention and can manage your home media, blinds, security, lighting, access, heating, ventilation and more.

As a Loxone partner trust Limitless Energy to deliver a premium product at an affordable price.

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Leaks and Fixes

Whether you have a drip, a flood, a loss in pressure or a blocked pipe, we can sort it out!

We replace and repair pumps, taps, ball-valves, motorised-valves, service valves, automatic air vents and stop taps.

Looking to reduce energy consumption? Zoning areas within your home, installing a weather compensators and smart programmers can be an easy way. Please click for YouGen’s must have gadgets.

Radiators, Heating and Hot Water Systems

Installation, replacement and servicing of all types of radiators and convectors including system flushing and cleaning, addressing pressure loss, replacing all types of valves and moving radiators.

Installation, replacement and servicing of all types of hot water cylinders including thermal stores, unvented systems, traditional vented cylinders and header tanks..

Installation of wood burning stoves and back boilers and solar thermal.

Underfloor Heating

Installation, design and servicing of underfloor heating systems.

Limitless Energy provides underfloor heating as an alternative to radiators, with the option of heating the whole house or certain zones such as kitchens and bathrooms. We use specialist AutoCAD design software to ensure effective heat distribution.

Underfloor heating is perfect for increasing comfort levels through delivering a constant ambient temperature. While more expensive to fit, are cheaper to run as they offer greater efficiencies.

Air source and ground source heat pumps are a perfect companion for underfloor heating systems.