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Biomass Boiler Repair at Rhossili, Gower, Wales

Rhossili is located at the end of the beautifully picturesque Gower Peninsular, which was designated the first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. The village and surrounding area are steeped in history. The prominent wreck of the Helvetia, which ran aground on Rhossili Bay in November 1887 bears witness to the challenging weather conditions and the tales of our ancestors, who lured boats ashore to plunder their hold. Being located at the most western tip of Gower it’s not a surprise that the properties are off the gas grid and some even off mains electricity.

The Problem and its Solution:
Limitless Energy were asked to help with a problematic biomass boiler at the commercial look out station situated at the very end of Rhossili itself. The property has no hot water, gas or electricity, but requires heat for the occupants during the day who keep watch at the station. Currently installed is a small EcoTec 500 pellet biomass boiler which has been in for over 7 years but always given trouble.

The long standing problems we found with the current system was user error and poor electrical supply. The property relies on generating and storing a small amount of electricity via a turbine suppling power to the radios, lights, and the auger and ignition of the pellet biomass boiler stove. We diagnosed that the supply was sufficient due to the exposed location and size of turbine but the storage was not adequate for the demand. When the demand increased the supply could not provide enough power to ignite and run the auger effectively. We therefore recommended they increase their storage, which they subsequently did, and the problem solved. The user error was simply lack of understanding and so we provided full detailed instructions on how to operate the system efficiently and correctly.

The Benefits:
Our customers now benefit from a reliable, cheap renewable heating and power generation system. They have full understanding on how it works and can worry no longer as they’ve taken out and annual service contract and know that we are always on the end of the phone.

Introducing Robert!

I’m Robert Harvey, the founder of Limitless Energy. It began from discovering the lack of trusted, high quality Renewable, Heating and Plumbing companies. Personally, being passionate about quality, affordability, sustainability and good, individually tailored, customer service, I felt it was a must for me to offer the service I believe in.

I am delighted and excited to have been able to set up my own family-business which brings together my skills and passions, and am looking forward to working with you.

Why Limitless Energy?

Limitless Energy is your friendly, local, small renewable, heating and plumbing company with over 60 years’ combined experience. Being small, but big on experience, enables us to provide the very best personal service but at affordable price.

Not only do we have a great understanding of the sector, we are also highly qualified, ensuring you have a system which is installed by professionals. Our regulatory bodies, insurances and warranties provide you with piece of mind that your system is covered during installation and long after.

Air Source Heat Pumps – Perfect for a New Build

Air Source Heat Pump Installation at Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, Wales

Craig Cefn Parc is a small tranquil village located just north of the M4 surrounding Swansea. It boarders the beautiful Mawr ward which is ideally located for walking enthusiasts who still want to be close to the city of Swanea. Some of the houses in Craig Cefn Parc have access to mains gas, however many don’t due to the village being well spread out.

The Problem and its Solution:
Limitless Energy were asked to design, install and commission a Renewable Heating System for a domestic client building their new 5 bedroom 4 bathroom dream home in Craig Cefn Parc. With the customers having little knowledge on renewable heating systems they were pleased that we could take the stress out of their hands to design and install the perfect system for them and their home.

To determine the heating and hot water demand we conducted a full room by room heat loss calculation so that we knew the requirement for each area within the house. Limitless Energy selected to install a split Panasonic 12kW T-Cap Air Source Heat Pump, 300l Unvented Hot Water cylinder and full underfloor heating on the ground and the first floor. The option for a split unit was taken so that the outdoor collection unit could be positioned a considerable distance from the house to improve aesthetics and acoustics.

The Benefits:
The customer now has a trouble free virtually silent heating and hot water system which can operate with efficiencies of around 370%. They have complete control over the temperature of their house and receive 7.51p per kW totalling to an annual payment of around £1,370. Their estimated savings against a fossil fuel system, and payments from the government, equate to £13,545 over the eligible 7 year RHI scheme.

UK Beats Solar Generation Record in March

Long May this Weather Continue!

This excellent spring weather is doing the world of good for the planet. While we are all enjoying the sun for BBQ’s, walks and swims, the UK’s solar panel world is breaking records for production of renewable energy.

A sunny weekend in March meant that solar power produced 6 times more electricity than coal fired power stations. As this weather continues we’re sure that more records will be broken.

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