Here Comes the Sun!

As the sun starts appearing more in the sky – we look forward to the summer and all that extra solar generation! For those of us with solar panels, it means we need to think smart about our options for the excess generation.

If you have a battery – you might want to turn off the auto-grid charge overnight and let the sun top it up for free during daylight hours. The caveat here is that if you are on an intelligent tariff (whereby your utility company controls your battery system and its charge and discharge to and from the national grid) this doesn’t apply.

For those who don’t have a battery system, please get in touch so that we can arrange a quote for you. You can find out how much money they can save you by making the most of your own solar generation.

For those who have electric cars and a MyEnergi Zappi charger or other smart EV charger – if you have a car sitting on the drive and near the charger, plugging it in during daylight hours means you will charge your car battery with excess generation and your cost of mile/kWh will plummet.

If you don’t have an EV charger, but considering an EV? We can install a solar ready EV charger, or connect it up to your solar if you are already generating electricity.

If you have a solar hot water diverter – you might want to switch to afternoon or evening showers to maximise the potential for your shower to be warmed by the sun. You can also modify the tank’s hot water schedule, so that it doesn’t automatically reheat upon depletion, and could be timed for a late afternoon reheat so that the sun has the maximum opportunity to provide your hot water needs and reduce your energy bills.

So if you haven’t yet coupled your solar system up with a battery, a car charger or a hot water diverter and these are of interest to you – please get in touch to find out more and we can look to install these systems for you. We supply and install throughout the South Wales area and can normally fit within 1-2 months of the initial survey.

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