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Good news from GivEnergy - industry leading 12 year warranty for residential batteries and inverters

Great news from GivEnergy – their home battery and inverter PV systems now come with a 12 year warranty as standard.  This applies to their full GivEnergy residential battery and inverter ranges, plus the GivEnergy All in One.

It comes with a few strings attached – the system has to be fully commissioned and installed by an approved and certified GivEnergy installer and installed as per their guidelines. AND, crucially it has to receive a chargeable, GivEnergy health check in year 5, year 8 and year 10.

We checked the small print in their FAQ and found that the required health checks are performed remotely, but are chargeable at £29+VAT for a full system diagnosis. And, if they find data anomalies, they will send out an engineer which will cost up to £100+VAT per visit.

GivEnergy Battery Key Facts:

  • GivEnergy Battery is lithium-ion battery and it comes in a variety of sizes - 2.6kWh, 5.2kWh, 8.2kWh and 9.5kWh - making it suitable for a variety of residential and small commercial property sizes and energy demands. Plus multiple batteries of the same size can be installed together.

  • It is designed to work with smart tariffs - such as Octopus Agile - to enable customers to take advantage of cheaper electricity prices.

  • They can be installed outside and inside - so flexible for different property types.

  • They are compatible with some different makes and models of inverters - Solar Edge, Solis and more.

  • The GivEnergy App enables users to control their battery remotely via their mobile, to monitor energy usage, charge and discharge cycles and adjust settings as needed.

  • The batteries have a 100% discharge depth. To deliver this, they overside their batteries by 20%. So if it says a 9.5kWh battery - that's what you get as useable energy and the battery is actually 11.4kWh in capacity.

  • GivEnergy offer different smart solar components: the Zappi will charge your car from excess solar; Eddi diverts excess solar to heat your water; and the Harvi, monitors how much electricity you are using, how much you are saving, and where it is going, i.e. your home, your battery, your car or your hot water tank.

Limitless Energy can install a GivEnergy system for anyone looking for a solar installation in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Bridgend, Brecon, Cardiff and Carmarthenshire.

We can work with you to decide which make and model battery is best for your needs. So if you want to discuss battery storage for your home – give us a call or book a call back.

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