At sixteen I completed a Traditional Plumbing Apprenticeship with a local company that undertook the Installation & Maintenance and wide range of Plumbing, Heating and Electrical installations. I gained a vast experience of such systems within both the domestic and commercial areas during my apprenticeship, my main ambition was to take this experience and set up my own Company. With my passion firmly within the conservation of fuel and power, predominantly within the building Services Sector, I strongly believe that we need to focus not only on existing fossil fuels, and efficient controls, but promote the use of properly designed and installed renewable technology systems ‘when appropriate’.

My biggest observation over the thirty years is the speed at which the industry has changed. Not just in the technologies we are now installing, including Heat Pumps/Solar Thermal/Biomass boilers (a far cry from the Classic oldies such as the Ideal Number 1’s) But businesses have had to adapt, gone are the days where we did a good days high standard of work, for a good days pay, we now have to have robust quality management systems in place to provide a professional framework to work within.

The best installer is experience; However, I also believe that experience needs to be grown from sound foundations. My experience to date is just that and I use this to delivery high quality, expertly designed renewable systems.

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