The various incentives are aimed to help pay back the cost of the installation. The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is designed to help payback, within 7 years, the additional costs of replacing traditional boilers and heating systems with renewable systems. While the Feed in Tariffs aim to encourage home-owners to generate their own renewable electricity and step away from reliance upon centralised electricity provision.

Ultimately, you save money by becoming less reliant upon the Big Six energy producers, and you receive payments that intend to bridge the costs between installing a new renewable heating, hot water or electricity system vs the running costs of fossil fuels boilers (including gas and oil) and electrical goods.

If you are considering installing a renewable system, a forecast will provide a breakdown of projected payments based upon the various systems and options open to you that match your requirements. This will provide a breakdown of the quarterly and annual payments as well as identifying savings in other areas such as bills.