Global warming is a hot topic in today’s world, and businesses are increasingly becoming conscious of the impact they have on the environment. Thankfully, there are many initiatives that a business can take to help reduce any negative impact. These initiatives have other bonuses as well.

Go Paperless

The idea of a paperless workplace started around the same time that personal computers became a widespread business accessory. However, it is only recently that the idea has started to float into the mainstream. Businesses can consume copious amounts of paper for all manner of things that don’t really need to be printed out. Being environmentally conscious with digitization instead of paper can ultimately save your business plenty of physical space and employee time and effort. It can also provide document security.

Stop Using Harmful Chemicals

Harmful chemicals are a part of many businesses, and their use always requires following proper legal guidelines. Failure to do so puts employees at high risk and can cause problematic environmental spills or runoff. Employers who force employees to use chemicals that are known to be harmful can be sued for negligence.

Encourage Carpooling and Biking

Auto emissions contribute to high carbon levels and pollution in the atmosphere. This is leading many businesses to promote carpooling and biking, but to maximize success, they need to take actionable steps. Ensure that your building has bicycle access and secure parking space for the bikes. Keep some bicycle essentials on-site for quick repairs, and offer incentives to employees who bike or carpool. Having executives and management set the example and lead a culture shift can be a big factor in whether others will follow along.

Use Renewable Energy and Efficient Appliances

No matter what type of business you have, it is likely that your building contains a variety of appliances. Whether you have a full restaurant kitchen or just a fridge for employees to keep their lunches in and a microwave to warm them, swapping to energy-efficient or renewable-energy appliances is a smart choice. Not only will these have a much smaller environmental footprint than older models, but they also usually save money in the long run. It may even be worth considering the installation of solar panels on your building.

Businesses are often an important part of the community that surrounds them. Having your business lead the way in positive environmental change is a great way to boost employee morale, local support, public relations and more. Most importantly, it helps keep our environment healthy.