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Our Story

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Rob - Founder and Director

Our story begins over 10 years ago when I discovered the woeful lack of trusted, high quality and suitably qualified renewable heating and electrical companies. Personally, being passionate about quality, affordability and sustainability, I felt compelled to offer a service that I could believe in. So, I was both delighted and excited to set-up a family owned business which brings together my skills and passions. Today, I’m proud to say that Limitless Energy combines the team’s passions, skills and qualifications with a first class, individually tailored customer service.

Meet the Team

A Bit More About Us

Our Philosophy At Limitless Energy we know that our natural environment can meet most, if not all, of our daily energy needs. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic and personal overview, which help us to deliver for not only you, but for the environment too. Personally, I’ve been lucky enough to have built my own eco-friendly home in Swansea, which also serves as the office, and is complete with the solar PV, battery, EV chargers and heat pump technologies we describe in this brochure. I practice what I preach and I live it every day with my wife and kids. Our business vehicles are all zero emissions, electrically powered and charged from renewable energy. Our ambition is to provide a service which delivers above and beyond expectations.

Why Limitless Energy

Limitless Energy is a small, friendly and local renewable heating and electrical company with many years of combined industry experience. Being small, but big on experience enables us to provide the very best personal service but an affordable price. Not only do we have a great understanding of the sector, but we are highly qualified, ensuring you have a system which is installed by professionals. Our regulatory bodies, insurances and warranties provide you with piece of mind that your system is covered during installation and long after.

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