4 More Reasons Why Renewable Energy Wins

It would be difficult not to notice that more and more individuals and companies are turning to renewable sources of energy to satisfy their energy needs. This increased popularity of renewable fuel has caused many people to wonder about the reasons for the growing trends. The truth is, there are a number of reasons to choose renewable sources of energy over fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Saves Money

Great savings are currently being realized by individuals and companies who make use of renewable energy and this trend is expected to continue in the future. It may take a considerable investment in the beginning for energy companies to build renewable energy facilities, however, once built, the costs are minimized through the use of ‘free fuel’ like solar and wind power. Significant savings can also be attained at the individual level. Homeowners who use renewable energy sources will have a more energy-efficient home and pay less per month to satisfy their energy needs.

Renewable Energy is Safer

Current statistics show that workers in oil, coal, and gas extraction industry work in some of the most dangerous environments possible. In fact, the industry experiences 27.5 deaths per 100,000 workers. This number is nearly eight times the 3.4 deaths per 100,000 workers for the economy as a whole. In addition, oil and gas companies have a substandard record of informing injured employees about their rights. So many individuals who are injured on these jobs do not receive the help and compensation they need and deserve. One study that was done at Wisconsin Medical College found that 1300 deaths can be avoided over the next decade by progressively shifting away from fossil fuels and making use of renewable energy sources. The study also found the general health and well-being of 700,000 U.S. workers will be positively affected.

Renewable Energy is Reliable

It is much less likely for solar and wind energy systems to experience the type of large scale system failures that happen with fossil fuels from time to time. There are two main reasons for this, first of all, these renewable energy sources are distributed systems. This term refers to the distribution of the system over a large geographical area. Secondly, wind and solar systems are made up of a number of individual solar arrays or turbines. This means if a few units malfunction the system as a whole will continue to function. Non-renewable energy sources like coal and natural gas are also highly dependent on sufficient water supply. These plants will suffer when the water needed is not available.

Renewable Energy Produces Jobs

The renewable energy industry is more dependent on human labor than other energy systems which are highly mechanized and automated. For example, humans are needed to maintain wind turbines and install solar panels. In 2016, the solar energy industry employed 260,000 people and another 100,000 worked in the wind energy industry. The numbers are expected to grow as more individuals and companies turn to renewable sources of energy.

The increasing popularity of renewable energy is clear for all to see. However, some people are unclear why this change is taking place. The four reasons profiled above are just a few of the reasons renewable energy is winning against fossil fuels.

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